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  • End Of Tenancy London
  • End Of Tenancy London
  • End Of Tenancy London

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End of Tenancy Cleaning in London by Bob's Tenancy Cleaning

There's always stress involved during the move-out day - lots of tasks and so little time.Bob's tenancy cleaning London will take the burden of cleaning off of your shoulders and will make sure you’ll get your full deposit back. We offer you a full range of end of tenancy related services. Your experts will clean the property top to bottom, removing stains, spots, dust and dirt and leaving it exactly as your landlord wants it - spotless. We can provide you with high-quality boxes for your move and clean any part of the property with special attention.

Our tenancy cleaning services London are performed by trained specialists. Over the years, we have helped many tenants get their money back and many landlords find a new tenant for their property. See what they have to say about us in our testimonials page.

Benefits of our End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

With end of tenancy cleaners London you get professional results on a budget. We will have the property cleaned spotless no matter the size.

Every tenant can take advantage of the professional deep clean we deliver, to make sure their deposit will be returned. Landlords can also benefit from the service, as it will turn the property they are leasing into a pristine clean space, more attractive to the future tenants. Here’s why we are a preferred company for tenancy cleaning services in London.

  • We save you time and effort - we will come fully equipped to do all the scrubbing, cleaning and polishing of your property while you’re devoting your time to more important matters
  • We give you discounted offers - the more of our services you get, the less you pay
  • We are available and flexible - we work around your schedule, not the other way around and we are here for you 7 days a week and on holidays
  • We are eco-friendly - our detergents are toxin-free and completely safe for you and the environment

Types of End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services

EOT Cleaning Service:

With the regular E.O.T service you get a guarantee! In order for you to have 72 hours guarantee you have to book End of Tenancy Cleaning and when our team arrives the premises must be free from any of your personal belongings.

One Off Cleaning:

Ideal if you don't have any agreement with your landlord to leave the property cleaned, which is unlikely, but yet possible. Also, if you are just moving in and you want to refresh things, before getting comfortable in your new nest, One Off Cleaning is the choice for you. It is basically the same services as the EOT cleaning, but with the key difference that there is no 72 hours guarantee. Don't worry, we still do our job properly! It is just an extra for the state of mind of our clients when it comes to getting their deposits back.

Who Can Benefit From End Of Tenancy Cleaning

  • Landlords: Keeping your property in neat condition is key to letting it faster. A refresh once in a while will be more than enough to improve your chances of finding the right tenants, and on top of that a neat property has a higher rent.
  • Tenants: As a tenant you have to leave the property cleaned and fresh. This is a part of most tenancy agreements. Otherwise, you are risking to lose your deposit money. Don't worry, we have a vast experience in end of tenancy cleaning and we will make sure that this does not happen to you.
  • Propery Agencies: Whether it is about a property that you are about to sell or lease to someone we are here to help! Freshly cleaned properties have bigger value. We are always looking forward to new business clients and you can rest assured that we will do our job with attention to details and speed. This will make you confident when you are opening that front door to the clients on expectation.

Book Bob's Tenancy Cleaning in London

For quick and easy bookings on London end of tenancy cleaning, call 020 3404 1547 now! Our customer care representatives are expecting your call around the clock to offer you free estimates on your cleaning needs. For those of yor that prefer to contact us online - use our live chat to get answers to your questions and online booking form for orders.


End of Tenancy cleaning prices:

Studio flat (excluding carpet cleaning)from £94
One Bedroom (excluding carpet cleaning)from £128
Two Bedrooms (excluding carpet cleaning)from £150
Three Bedrooms (excluding carpet cleaning)from £195
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Bob's Tenancy Cleaning

We, at Bob's Tenancy Cleaning London company strive to deliver constant high level of customer service. Over the years we have build an outstanding reputation thanks to the amazing services we offer.

You will greatly benefit from our quality tenancy cleaning services, and will not spend a fortune, thanks to our affordable prices.

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